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  • The development programme accelerating the strategy

    The widest business development programme in VR's history was started in the autumn of 2013 and was completed in 2015. The aim of the development programme was to achieve long-term improvements in profitability and competitiveness. The central development measures were related to e.g. the management of overall costs, more flexibility in cost structures, more efficiency and flexibility in the use of labour, the development of leadership in construction sites as well as better risk management in projects. The project was completed nearly a year ahead of the planned schedule.

    As part of the development programme, the control system for VR’s project activities was redefined. The new system was introduced at the end of 2015. VR’s business activity portfolio was also assessed as part of this programme. VR Track and the Vossloh Group, a strong international partner, agreed to cooperate in their point and rail welding business operations. At the beginning of July, these operations were transferred to the joint ventures.

    The development programme was very successful. VR Track has achieved success in tender competitions and has also maintained good profitability despite a reduction in the national track maintenance market. The experiences gained from the development programme have been utilised in the implementation of VR’s strategy.