Striving to grow into a significant producer of railway infrastructure services in the Nordic countries

VR Track is the third largest maintenance provider for railways in Sweden.

VR Track Sweden AB has strongly increased its share in the Swedish railway market and has become one of the largest railway maintenance providers in Sweden. The company’s net sales grew strongly in 2015. The company’s order book also developed positively and accounted for almost EUR 200 million by the end of 2015. This growth was accelerated by two new five-year railway maintenance contracts for South and West Sweden.

In accordance with its strategy, VR Track Sweden AB has expanded its operations from a local operator to a national operator. With these new maintenance areas, the company is now the third largest railway maintenance service company. By the end of 2015, VR Track Sweden AB employed 315 people.

Along with track construction and maintenance, planning was also selected as a core activity in Sweden. The new brand for infrastructure planning, VR Infrapro, was launched in Sweden in autumn 2015. VR Infrapro’s planning and consulting services not only include railways, but planning the whole infrastructure as well.

Operations to cease in Estonia

The aim of VR Track Oy is to grow into a significant service provider in the Nordic countries.

At the end of 2015, the company decided to cease operations in Estonia and dissolve VR Track Estonia AS and its branch office VR Track Oy Eesti Filial. The dissolution decision has been long hastened by weak market demand.

Continuing the operations would have demanded significant investments in the future, e.g. Rail Baltica will utilise the European track gauge standard, which is incompatible with the company's current equipment.