More efficiency in operations in various ways

  • New technologies, operating models and information systems made VR Transpoint’s operations more efficient during 2015.
  • Efficiency was increased in rail logistics on a wide scale.

In rail logistics, increased train sizes created more efficiency and cost savings, as fewer trains transported even more goods.

Electric locomotives accounted for over 70% of driven traffic. Increasing the share of electric traction in transport improved energy efficiency. In freight traffic, logistics efficiency and energy efficiency go hand in hand.

The new operations management system Ralli covers the whole rail logistics process from planning transports to invoicing. During the year, the system's ordering and invoicing section was implemented and the transport planning section’s implementation was prepared.

New technology for railway yards

The increased use of radio controls for trains increased efficiency and flexibility in shunting operations. With radio control technology, shunting locomotives can be controlled remotely in railway yards and on certain railway line sections.

The railway yards prepared for the transition from the current radio system to the official Virve network and the replacement of Raili phones with new equipment.

During the year, the railway yards also tested the new tablet terminal that enables shunting supervisors to receive information on arriving trains. In addition, the tablets that were installed in Finnish road logistics cars improved the monitoring and communications of car transports.

Finnish road logistics invested in larger cars. The change in weight and size enabled larger load sizes and increased transport capacity. This, in turn, reduced the need for an increased car fleet.