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    • In VR Group, corporate responsibility is part of the daily work and it has been integrated into the overall Group strategy.
    • VR Group takes into account its corporate responsibility when making strategic decisions.

    The key values of our operations involve placing the customer at the core of our operations, along with safety, responsibility, goal-orientedness and self-renewal, and achieving success together. These provide the basis for corporate responsibility work in VR Group.

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    Responsibility in VR Group covers five different themes. Responsibility means ensuring safety, customer satisfaction, workplace well-being, environmental friendliness and transparency in operations.

    • Safety means personnel, occupational, traffic and information safety.
    • Issues that are of vital importance for customers include the reliability and availability of services, pricing and equality.
    • Issues that are of vital importance for personnel include responsible employment practices, ensuring workplace well-being and developing competence.
    • Energy-efficiency, and emissions and discharges generated by operations are essential considerations in environmental responsibility.
    • The transparency of operations comprises ethical business and the management of supply chains.

    VR Group's management model

    VR Group’s management model is based on an efficient structure in which the business operations are organised around customer groups. The aim is seamless cooperation between the different Group companies, business units and corporate services in order to meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders. Corporate responsibility is an integral part of the management model and goal-oriented operations. The descriptions of the management methods under each theme describe responsibility management in more detail.

    Corporate responsibility-related plans and measures are the responsibility of business divisions and units. Corporate responsibility is also emphasised through various campaigns, projects and training as well as through other ways of exerting influence.

    The relevant corporate responsibility themes and the key indicators for them were determined in 2014. Relevance definition resulted in a matrix of the most essential corporate responsibility themes, which will be updated each year. The results of the relevance definition will also be considered in the strategy work.

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    Policies and principles

    The policies and principles guiding corporate responsibility work in VR Group are set out in the descriptions of the management methods under each theme.

    The ethical guidelines for the whole VR Group were renewed in 2015. The guidelines concern all personnel and everyone is required to complete a coaching course on these in 2015. Employees attended the Toimi eettisesti arjessa (“work ethically everyday”) course either online or in coaching groups. By the end of 2015, 66 per cent of VR Group personnel had completed the course. In Sweden, the course was introduced in September and 73 per cent of the Group’s employees there completed it by the end of the year. To ensure that as many people as possible attend the course, supervisors will remind their personnel about it at the beginning of 2016.

    VR Group’s anti-corruption guidelines were also renewed. To prepare for the introduction of the guidelines, an online course Yhdessä lahjontaa vastaa (“Together against corruption”) was developed, and the course’s target group was selected according to each employee’s duties. 93 per cent of the target group completed the course during 2015. In Sweden, the course was introduced in September and 75 per cent of the target group had completed it by the end of the year.

    Link: VR Group ethical guidelines (Code of Conduct) 


    The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines have been used as the reference framework for this report. In VR Group’s own assessment, the Group has applied the Core reporting guidelines. The 2015 report has not been verified.

    The restrictions and aspect boundaries of the annual report are specified in more detail in the description of the annual report.