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    • Customers are the key to the success of VR Group’s business operations. Ensuring customer satisfaction is an essential part of corporate responsibility.

    All three business divisions of VR Group are working to develop their operations so that they can provide their customers with better service. The aim of the Group is to provide high-quality and environmentally friendly services for customers of VR’s passenger services, VR Transpoint and VR Track.

    VR's passenger services develop their services together with their customers. In 2015, passenger services assessed the wishes and travel needs of their customers in various ways, and these assessments were related to e.g. pricing structures and train restaurant operations.

    Customers especially appreciate the comfort, atmosphere, speed, safety and environmental friendliness of train travel, as well as the service-oriented nature of train personnel. According to the customers, the areas that need to be developed the most are pricing and punctuality. In February 2016, passenger services renewed the pricing of train tickets.

    For VR Transpoint, customer orientation means understanding the customer’s business and individual logistical needs. VR Transpoint aims to fulfil the needs and wishes of their customers and also create added value for their business operations. This can mean e.g. flexibly combining railway and road logistics or comprehensive, factory-to-harbour logistics solutions. In 2015, VR Transpoint collaborated closely with its customers to develop its operations and build functional logistics solutions.

    During the year, VR Track's customer work focused especially on the development targets that were highlighted in the previous year’s customer surveys. Promises given to customers were at the core of the operations and e.g. interaction and collaboration with customers were further developed. Great progress was made in e.g. customer orientation as experienced by customers, reaction speed and the development of traffic and occupational safety.

    Customer satisfaction is monitored in all of the Group's businesses. Read more at: The section for VR passenger services, the section for VR Transpoint and the section for VR Track.