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    • Safety means taking responsibility for the safety of passengers, customer transports, our personnel and the environment.

    VR Group’s safety activities support its business operations and secure the success of the strategy with e.g. unified operating models that promote safety and are based on risk analyses. All forms of safety support our business operations: traffic safety, work safety, corporate security and information security.

    A safe Ring Rail Line

    The Ring Rail Line was opened for traffic on 1 July. The Ring Rail Line contains the longest tunnel used by passenger trains in Finland, which requires special expertise in case of any exceptional situations. The train personnel working at the Ring Rail Line were comprehensively trained at the turn of 2014−2015. In 2015, two rescue exercises were held in the tunnel. The exercise also included the Finnish Transport Agency, which owns the track, and rescue authorities.

    A theme year for occupational safety

    According to the personnel satisfaction survey, in 2015 the handling of occupational safety was one of the most improved areas. Despite this, our occupational safety figures have always been on a good level.
    The management of each business operation closely follows the development of occupational safety. Different units share good practices and conduct audits to share what they have learned.

    A clearer operating model – even better results in 2016

    The safety operations of VR Group were clarified in 2015. Safety matters were classified into safety forms with clearly defined responsible persons. The change in the operating model will be reflected in the closer and more efficient collaboration with our different business operations.

    The work for enhancing independent safety culture continues together with our business operations. This work will utilise the results of the H. Roos Foundation’s safety attitude survey, which was commissioned to commemorate the Foundation’s 60th anniversary. The research materials were collected with a survey for all VR Group personnel, as well from individual and group interviews with various employees from all around Finland. The results were provided and analysed in 2015, and concrete development measures will begin in 2016.

    The development of the safety culture will comprehensively involve the human factor in safety that will be highlighted during 2016. The topic will be closely linked with the examination of deviations. The overall goal is to increase awareness within personnel.