Stakeholder group chart 

The table shows how VR Group cooperates with its various interest groups.
You can read more about the cooperation with interest groups and associations here.
Interest groups Topics Channels
Public interest groups
State owner Market environment and competition, group's activity, goals and strategy Continuing discussion with owner, interim reports, financial statements, annual reports and year-end accounts, report on company's administrative and steering system
National decisionmakers Market environment, purchasing traffic (unprofitable transport that public sector offers), obligational traffic (transport, that the state can require from VR due to its monopolistic position), agreement on exclusive right, financing the railroad, and changes in the railroad legislation Discussions with officials, such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications, parliament, municipal decisionmakers and regional officials
International decisionmakers Questions relating to the regulation of the international railroad sector, especially the 4th railway package Discussions with European Commission and European Parliament
Other officials, most importantly from the Finnish Transport Agency and Finnish Transport Safety Agency Transport safety, functionality of the transport system, quality of transport, development of the railroad network, and environmental matters Cooperative groups and other regular discussions with officials
Actors relating to business operations
Passengers Passenger experience, customer service, service quality, development, digitality, travel networks, accessibility, environmental matters, noise cancellation, security and responsibility The passengers have been involved in service development through different initiatives. For example, in the Veturi customer initiative. Various questionnaires, studies and reports with customers. Customer feedback, social media and focused marketing.
Clients in logistics and infrastructural development, business partners VR Transpoint is involved in continuous development with it's customers through the development of logistical solutions and in safety issues. VR Track is one of the leading alliance partners in the field of infrastructure in Finland. Sustainable action with contractors is key to both logistics and infrastructural development. Action plan with customers, VR Track requires all of its suppliers and contractors to join the Reliable Partner Service. The actions are guided by safety and environmental plans.
Personnel Employees' working conditions, well-being, personal goals, ethical instructions, increasing dialogue between management and employees, supporting laid off personnel in finding employment Intranet, internal blogs, Yammer (internal networking service), personnel questionnaires, employee health care, development dialogue and discussions with employer's organizations
Organizations and other actors interested in concern's activity
Personnel associations Changes in the operational environment, which affect the position of personnel. Regular discussions with the management and personnel organizations. The chief shop steward is involved in the expanded management group. The staff organizations participate in the administrative council's work.
Civic organizations and other associations in Finland Services, accessibility, environment, and increasing performance Cooperation with WWF, Climate Leadership Council, Confederation of Finnish Industries, Service Sector Employers, and Finnish Business & Society. Active dialogue with disabled people's associations. Membership in focal infrastructure sector associations and in the association of logistics companies.
International associations EU regulation of the railroad sector as well cooperation with Russia and IVY countries Attending to the coordination boards of CER, UIC, CIT and Trans-Siberian railroads
Media Daily operations and disruptions, punctuality, opening up the competition, service offering, relations, the effetcs of train transport on regional development, the economy, and people's mobility Press releases and events, journalist visits and trips, interviews, website, media phone service, social media
CER The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies
UIC International Union of Railways
CIT The International Rail Transport Committee