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    Our strategy consists of four areas:

    • Competitiveness
    • Growth
    • Customer focus
    • Effective foundation

    Corporate responsibility at VR Group has been integrated into the overall Group strategy. This means that the responsibility factor is always a consideration when strategic decisions are made. Read more at www.vrgroup.fi.


    Our values guide our operations. Our values are:


    Our business environment is constantly changing. We do not merely adjust to new situations but aim to anticipate them and influence issues. To ensure growth and improve our service, we develop new approaches and grasp new opportunities.

    Safety and responsibility

    Our level of traffic safety is among the highest in Europe. Ecofriendliness is another strength that unifies the Group. The work to ensure safety and responsibility in operations is ongoing. Sustainable development and personnel satisfaction go hand in hand in the Group.

    Customer at the core of operations

    We work with customers continually to improve the quality and availability of our services. In passenger services we are improving customer service, introducing pricing reforms and putting great efforts into improving punctuality. In logistics we offer one-stop services by rail and road. In infrastructure engineering our knowhow covers the full life cycle of a project and the requirements of an increasing number of sectors.

    Successful together 

    The entire Group is successful when we work together. Resources are shared between the divisions and business units. This ensures the effective use of resources, develops operations with the help of the leading experts in the field and creates financial stability. Discussion across business unit borders creates new business for us and supports common growth.

    Objective-oriented approach

    The importance of clear targets is highlighted in an uncertain economic situation. At Group level the targets are an operating profit of about five per cent and annual growth in net turnover of five per cent. In international business particular attention is paid to profitability. Each VR employee also has their own responsibilities and targets.


    VR Group's vision is to be Finland's leading travel, logistics and infrastructure engineering service company. Services are customer-oriented and produced in a responsible manner.

    VR Group aims to make its vision a reality by implementing a strategy that focuses on customers, competitiveness, growth and sound fundamentals.