Even more energy efficiency in rail traffic,

VR Group started a comprehensive energy efficiency project to improve the energy efficiency, economic efficiency and punctuality of rail traffic. The project includes the implementation of energy meters for electric stock, an economic driving style control system, and a management system for energy efficiency. The overall cost estimate of the project is EUR 6-8 million and it will be completed by the end of 2017.

Three fourths of the energy that VR Group consumes in Finland is spent on rail traffic. The goal of the energy efficiency project is to reduce the energy used for pulling trains by 8 percent.

The economic driving style control system (DAS) will provide the train driver’s terminal with information on a smooth driving style and events and incidents on the railway. The system assists train drivers so that they can drive their train in the smoothest possible way while predicting traffic, without any unnecessary braking and accelerations.

The energy meters in electric tractive stock collect information on the trains’ energy consumption. Based on the measurements, energy consumption can be analysed in more detail and it can be used to develop the energy efficiency of rail traffic in a diverse way.

The management system for energy efficiency improves train route timetable planning by offering planners with the tools for monitoring actual travel times. With the help of the system, travel times and appropriate driving styles can be planned for every railway line so that the driving is always as energy efficient as possible.