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    • Ecofriendliness is a strong point and an asset for rail traffic.

    For decades, VR Group has systematically conducted its environmental work on a long-term basis to promote this point.

    VR Group has made five environmental commitments for 2013−2020, and part of their objectives have already been achieved. Read more about the objectives and results from the table below.

    An environmental programme has been created to support the environmental commitments, and all VR Group business operations have defined their own measures for realising the commitments. Although the pledges have been formatted for rail traffic, the objectives and measures have been planned for all the Group’s operations. Environmentally friendly solutions are sought in VR's passenger services, VR Transpoint, VR Track and in the Group’s operations. This environmental programme will be updated during 2016.

    In 2015, e.g. the energy efficiency project was initiated. The goal of the project is to improve the energy efficiency, economic efficiency and punctuality of rail traffic. Read more about the project here.

    Environmental commitments:

    • Making progress while saving energy
    • More renewable energy
    • For a cleaner soil and landscape
    • Less consumption, more recycling
    • The greenest choice
    VR Group 2013-2020 Environmental goals
    Topic Starting value Goal 2020 Situation 2015
    Energy efficiency of railway traffic 0,46 MJ/hkm 0,20 MJ/tkm 0,36 MJ/hkm 0,16 MJ/tkm 0,40 MJ/hkm 0,18 MJ/tkm
    Percentage of renewable energy 52% > 60 % 61%
    No major leaks contaminating the soil in the transport of hazardous substances or in the use of chemicals. Hazardous substances 0 Chemicals 0 Hazardous substances 0 Chemicals 0 Hazardous substances 0 Chemicals 3
    Percentage of people satisfied with the cleanliness of stations and trains 80% > 85 % 83%
    Amount of garbage ending up in landfills 20% < 15 % 10%
    Amount of people who view VR as an environmentally conscious company 69% 71% 69%
    Environmental balance sheet