Refund claims

  • VR received a total of 9,654 refund claims under the EU regulation on railways' responsibilities for 2015.
  • Each refund claim received by VR was processed and the reply was sent to the customer within an average of eight days.
  • In handling claims and providing compensation, VR complies with the Railway Transport Act and the EU regulation on railways’ responsibilities.

Feedback and compensation claims

Customers sent VR feedback and submitted compensation claims. All feedback and compensation claims are handled by VR Customer Care. The breakdown of the topics of the feedback and compensation claims received by VR was as follows:

In 2015, a large proportion of the feedback and compensation claims concerned the punctuality of train services. In order to improve punctuality, VR is cooperating closely with the Finnish Transport Agency and HSL (Helsinki Region Transport). Read more about punctuality here. VR is also cooperating with the same parties to improve the provision of customer information during service disruptions.

VR values its customers’ feedback and messages, and they are closely utilised in VR’s continuous development work. Read more about the customer-oriented development of passenger traffic here.

Customer satisfaction with VR’s services remains at a high level. In 2015, satisfied customers accounted for 87.3% of all passengers (90% in 2014).