• Making trains and stations cleaner and more pleasant is part of VR Group's environmental promises.
  • The aim is that at least 85 per cent of customers are satisfied with the level of cleanliness of trains and stations.
  • In 2015, the share of those who were satisfied was 83 per cent, an increase of one percentage point from the previous year.

The cleanliness goals for passenger compartments in trains and station indoor premises have already been surpassed. However, the goals for improving the cleanliness of the outdoor premises of stations, the atmosphere in stations, and the cleanliness of toilet facilities on trains have not been achieved. The most challenging goal is improving the cleanliness of toilet facilities on trains.

New rolling stock also means cleaner trains and a more pleasant atmosphere. During the year, 13 new double-deck cars and 3 restaurant cars were taken into use. The steering car combines the features of a locomotive and a passenger car: one end contains a driver’s cabin and the passenger compartment contains around 100 seats.

All trains are thoroughly cleaned at the depots every day. At stations, the train toilets are cleaned and the litter is removed as permitted by the turnaround times.

Cleanliness and tidiness are important from the perspective of occupational safety at VR Group's workshops, depots, work sites and terminals. In a clean and tidy working environment, the work can be carried out efficiently and in a safe manner. Cleanliness is also a theme in the work aimed at improving and maintaining quality, such as the 'Sujuva’ (smooth) quality improvement programme for rolling stock maintenance.

The stations and the areas adjacent to them, such as car parks, are owned by a large number of different parties, which complicates overall management. The stations and the areas adjacent to them belong to VR Group, the Finnish Transport Agency and municipalities. The platform areas intended for passengers are the responsibility of the Finnish Transport Agency.