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  • Responsible purchases

    • VR Group makes its purchases in a responsible manner and also requires its subcontractors to observe the same practice.

    VR Group is a major purchaser in Finland. In 2015, VR Group purchased goods and services worth more than EUR 650 million. Most of the purchases were made in Finland and in other EU countries.

    All purchases of goods and services are in accordance with the Group-level purchasing guidelines approved by the Group's Management Team, other guidelines and VR Group's purchasing strategy. Most of the purchases are made by the centralised purchasing unit. Provisions on competitive tendering in rail traffic are laid down in the Act on Public Contracts in Special Sectors, and this Act is set to change during 2016 to include electronic tendering as a mandatory requirement.

    The central goals for purchasing are acquiring electricity from renewable energy sources (the Group’s environmental pledges) and using environmental criteria when choosing suppliers and products that have been competitively tendered in accordance with the Act on Public Contracts in Special Sectors.

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