Human resources management

VR Group’s values are safety and responsibility, self-renewal, achieving success together, and objective-oriented and customer-focused approach.

The values are put into effect through good human resources management. During 2014, VR Group set out the values and framework of management in the model for good supervisory work, in which successful supervisory work is divided into three parts: management of operations, human resource management and development.

Human resources strategy

VR Group has assessed its human resources strategy in connection with business strategy updates and the measures supporting the strategy have been derived from the requirements of the business operations.

The joint themes for the Group's human resources strategy are as follows:

  • development of the work of supervisors, supporting of change,
  • measures promoting productivity and workplace well-being
  • and development of expertise and operating culture.

Objectives of human resources management for 2014

  • A uniform model for supervisory work and training supporting the model for all supervisors
  • Completing the Virtaa project, aimed at reducing disability costs and promoting workplace well-being and identifying feasible workplace well-being projects
  • Updating the work fitness programme and putting it to practice
  • Increasing the efficiency and productivity of HR services through the new HR reporting service and other tools
  • Improving HR's own expertise, service offerings and communications
  • Ensuring the prerequisites for efficiency and productivity
  • Development of expertise and operating culture.

Successes and setbacks in HR activities

+ According to the results of the personnel survey, perceiving the work as meaningful, occupational safety, equality and fair supervisors are our strengths

+ Results of the supervisory work have improved

+ Employees are more committed to the employer

+ Development of workplace well-being activities has produced results

- According to the results of the personnel survey, the personnel feel that they are not adequately involved in the development work

- The feeling is that there is not enough interaction between the management and the personnel

Changes improving HR management and results

  • Changes in systems and structures that lead to improvements in HR matters
  • The model for good supervisory work has been introduced. As part of the personnel survey, each supervisor gave a pledge for the year 2015
  • The service model of the HR unit has been improved. Roles and responsibilities have also been defined
  • Supervisors' HR support is now the responsibility of a separate HR coordinator team
  • A new HR reporting model has been set up and introduced

Opportunities and risks in human resources matters


+ Meaningful work and strong commitment of the personnel to their work are a major strength and resource for VR

+ Broad-based personnel skills

+ Reputation as an employer and an increasingly positive image

+ Successful working ability and workplace well-being activities

+ Successful cooperation with personnel unions


- Management of the work load as the personnel are aging, especially in heavy work tasks and shift work

- Ensuring future expertise and know-how