Management and audit

The Annual General Meeting held on 15 May 2014 confirmed that the Board of Directors of VR-Group Ltd will have eight members. Hannu Syrjänen was re-elected chairman of the Board. At its constitutive meeting after the Annual General Meeting the Board of Directors elected Christer Granskog to continue as vice chairman. Riku Aalto, Jarmo Kilpelä, Antti Mäkelä, Liisa Rohweder and Tuija Soanjärvi continue as ordinary members of the Board. Maija Strandberg was elected as a new member of the Board. Maaret Heiskari served as a member of the Board until 15 May 2014. The Board of Directors met 12 times, with an attendance rate of 98 per cent.

The Board elected Hannu Syrjänen as chairman and Christer Granskog, Jarmo Kilpelä and Liisa Rohweder as members of its human resources committee. The Board elected Antti Mäkelä as chairman and Riku Aalto, Tuija Soanjärvi and Maija Strandberg as members of the audit committee. Maaret Heiskari served as a member of the audit committee until 15 May 2014. The human resources committee met six times, with an attendance rate of 96 per cent. The audit committee met six times, with an attendance rate of 92 per cent.

The Annual General Meeting confirmed that the Supervisory Board would have 12 members and elected Kari Rajamäki as chairman of the Supervisory Board. Timo Korhonen was elected vice-chairman of the Supervisory Board at the Supervisory Board’s meeting after the Annual General Meeting. The members of the Supervisory Board were Christina Gestrin, James Hirvisaari (until 15 May 2014), Pertti Hemmilä, Inkeri Kerola, Merja Kuusisto, Asmo Maanselkä, Aino-Kaisa Pekonen, Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo (from 15 May 2014), Oras Tynkkynen, Raija Vahasalo and Raimo Vistbacka. The Supervisory Board met seven times during the year, with an attendance rate of 89 per cent.

Representatives of personnel organisations also attend the meetings of the Supervisory Board of VR-Group Ltd. The representatives of employee organisations have been: Vesa Mauriala, chairman of Raideammattilaisten yhteisjärjestö JHL (Railway section of the trade union JHL); Risto Elonen, chairman of the Locomotive Drivers Union; Johanna Wäre, chair of the Rautatiealan Teknisten Liitto (Union of Railway Technical Personnel) (until 30 April 2014 Esko Salomaa); Seppo Juselius, representative of Rautatievirkamiesliitto (Union of Railway Officials); and Veijo Sundqvist, chairman of VR Akava.

The Annual General Meeting elected Ernst & Young Oy, Authorised Public Accountants, as auditor. Tiina Lind, APA, CPFA, served as the principal auditor until 28 November. She was succeeded by Mikko Rytilahti, APA, CPFA.

Maisa Romanainen started in the VR Group Management Team as Senior Vice President, Passenger Services, on 1 November 2014.