VR Group has worked for many years to ensure punctual services. Last year, long-distance trains were more punctual than between 2010-2013.

A total of 87.6 per cent of all long-distance trains arrived at their destination on time. The figure for 2013 was 84.7 per cent. A long-distance train is considered late if it arrives at its destination more than five minutes late. In 2014, the punctuality rate in the Helsinki region commuter services was 93.4 per cent (95.8). In commuter services, a train is late if it is more than three minutes late at the departure station or at the destination. Punctuality in freight services was good in 2014. In freight services, delays of up to 30 minutes are tolerated and with this criteria, punctuality stood at 93.3 per cent (90.9).

Track equipment malfunctions and prolonged track work and extra speed limits resulting from them were some of the factors behind delays. Problems with rolling stock, such as technical malfunctions in locomotives, couplings between Pendolino trainsets, and the introduction of the new steering cars resulted in punctuality problems.

Improvements through punctuality programme

In 2014, VR Group, the Finnish Transport Agency and Finrail implemented a joint punctuality programme, in which the long-term aim is to improve the reliability of the rolling stock and the usability of the rail network, especially during winter months. The new electric locomotives and the new couplings between Pendolino trainsets will improve the reliability of rail traffic.