Cargo East Terminal - a gateway to the east 

The extension to the Cargo East Terminal in the Tehola logistics area in Kouvola was completed during the year. The first phase of the terminal was built in 2004. The enlarged terminal provides more efficient service for the delivery of goods and mass logistics shipments to the east. The terminal also serves as a short-term warehouse and as a site for combining shipments of products coming from different production plants.

Part of the operating concept for the terminal is to provide one-stop service from the factory to the destination. The products are transported from the factories to the terminal by road and domestic rail services. Dozens of heavy trucks and railway wagons are loaded and unloaded daily at the terminal, from where the products continue to their destinations.

About 200,000 tonnes of goods go through the terminal each year. The products handled at the terminal include forest industry products, such as rolls of paper and board and pallets loaded with sheets of printing paper.