Occupational safety - an absolute value

Accidents at work in rail logistics have decreased by two thirds since 2010. This can be considered an historic achievement. The safety card and better personal safety equipment mean that there will be further improvements in the situation.

VR Transpoint started the modernisation of almost 6,000 freight wagons. The aim is to make the wagons safer and improve their work ergonomics. The modernisation will also make shunting work smoother.

Safety work has three priority areas: occupational safety and work at rail yards, shunting, and cooperation with customers and partners. Long-term safety work will produce results - accident-free periods of hundreds of days have been recorded at rail yards.

In domestic road logistics, drivers are provided with safety training in cooperation with customers.

Safety improvements are also achieved through joint safety reviews at customers' factories and production sites where VR Transpoint has operations. The parties jointly decide on measures that help to eliminate the risks identified during the reviews or to reduce them to acceptable levels.