Efficiency and growth

In the next few years, VR Transpoint will continue on the well-established path of growth and renewal.

Efficiency is a viral element in the sector and improvements in this field will be achieved by developing business operations. VR Transpoint is committed to operating in a customer-oriented manner, and responding to the requirements of the customers' business is a crucial success factor for the company.

New transport flows and growth are actively sought in both road and rail transportation. Planning, terminal and other value added services will allow the company to provide efficient logistics solutions that support the customers' business operations.

In the coming years, the company will introduce many new data systems and technology. Work to improve occupational safety will continue and the personnel will be provided with new safety equipments.

Future prospects for VR Transpoint are closely connected with economic trends. As the economy recovers, transport volumes also pick up. With the restructuring of its business operations, VR Transpoint is well-placed to react to fluctuations in demand more quickly and in a more flexible manner.