Avecra started operations on the new restaurant cars

Avecra is responsible for the catering operations on the new double-deck DuettoPlus restaurant cars. The cars have a 'Duetto' restaurant on the lower deck and a kiosk on the intermediate deck, while the upper deck has a comfortable passenger compartment with conference facilities. The state-of-the art kitchen in the new restaurant cars allows the preparation of attractive meals for the passengers.

New services to Tikkurila

Designing the units of the new Travel Centre Dixi in Tikkurila was one of Avecra's biggest projects in 2014. The premises were ready by early 2015 and on 15 January 2015 Avecra opened a Robert's Coffee cafe and two Stop@station kiosks in Dixi.

The cafe is located on the station bridge and operates under the 'Musta Kahvi' (Black coffee) concept. It is the first of its kind in Finland and the concept has been created by the design agency Vanhatapio & Saksi in collaboration with Robert's Coffee.

The change process affecting the service offerings at the Helsinki Central Railway Station continued throughout the year. In March, Avecra opened its first Hesburger restaurant. The image of Robert's Coffee was updated in accordance with the new concept in June.

Speedier service with the new cash register system

Development of the new cash register system introduced in early 2014 continued through the year. The most significant changes resulting from the system concern logistics operating models. It has also brought significant improvements in reporting at individual units.

Development of the Booster reward system has also continued. The aim is to have a system that provides the personnel with an incentive for better sales work. The system also supports workplace well-being by rewarding employees for looking after their health, for providing good customer service and for helping the company to achieve its performance targets.


Avecra's Managing Director Tiina Nieminen resigned from her post in August 2014. The new Managing Director Ville Melkko starts in his work on 1 March 2015.

All new DuettoPlus restaurant cars will be in service by February 2015. In 2015, sales on the new cars will account for most of the domestic turnover of Avecra's train services. In early 2015, Avecra will also introduce new sales trolleys for long-distance trains without a restaurant car, where products are only sold from trolleys that pass through the compartments.