Global politics forced the sector to reorganise its operations

The VR Group's subsidiaries providing international road logistics services underwent extensive restructuring during 2014.

There was a sharp drop in the transport volumes of Transpoint International (FI) Oy in the autumn as Russia imposed import restrictions on products from the European Union. As a result, the food deliveries of Transpoint International came to a halt and the company immediately introduced efficiency improvement measures, which affected both personnel and the vehicle stock.

Competition in European operations has been extremely tough throughout the year. Nevertheless, Transpoint International posted a profit, which can be considered a victory in the current situation.

The company can rely on personal service, reliability and safety as its competitive advantages. As part of VR Group it can also enjoy synergy benefits and is able to operate within the logistics chains of its international customers. The company has daily services between Finland, Russia, the Baltic region, East European countries and Turkey.

The company continued the restructuring of its organisation in 2014. The current model is based on a business unit concept in which the operations in Russia and the Baltic region have been made into separate units. Business operations were also developed in many other ways during the year. For example, the vehicle tracking system helps improve transport lead times and safety. With the improvements the company is preparing for renewed economic growth and the resulting increase in transport volumes.