Human resources

The main themes in 2014 were the creation of a uniform model for supervisory work, training supporting the model, and the completion of the Virtaa project, in which the aim was to reduce disability costs and promote workplace well-being. The year also saw the updating of the working capacity programme, introduction of the updated programme, and improvements in the efficiency and productivity of HR services with the help of a new HR reporting service.

A total of 71 (70) per cent of the staff members responded to the personnel survey conducted in the autumn. The Group's supervisor index stood at 3.63, which was slightly higher than in 2013 (3.57).

There were no major changes in the personnel structure of VR during 2014. At the end of 2014, the number of personnel totalled 9,689, which means a reduction of 545 person years compared with the same period a year earlier.

Finrail Oy, which is responsible for rail traffic control, became a state-owned company under the Prime Minister's Office on 1 January 2015. As a result, about 440 persons were transferred from VR Group to Finrail Oy.

VR continues to adhere to the change security model in accordance with the principles observed in the Group. A total of 481 persons retired during the year.

Personnel indicators 2012-2014

  2012 2013 2014
Person years – average 11 080 10 234 9 689
Change -2,7 -7,6 -5,3
Total salaries and wages EUR million 476,4 460,9 445,1
Permanent employees (average) % of Group work force 98,2 97,4 98,4
Fixed term employees (average) % of Group work force 1,8 2,6 1,6
Full time employees (average) % of Group work force 96,6 96,0 96,4
Part time employees (average) % of Group work force 3,4 4,0 3,6
Average age of work force 45,6 45,0 44,9
Average length of service in years of current employees 20 19 18
% of men in work force 82,6 82,4 82,4
% of women in work force 17,4 17,6 17,6
% of personnel that have development interviews 70 78 73
Sick absence as % of regular working hours 5,5 5,3 5,4
Accident frequency rate in VR Group *
(total number of accidents at work per million hours worked)
31,6 19,1 18,9
New recruits with permanent employment, no. of people 928 718 683


Accident frequency rate in VR Group *

As of 1 January 2013, VR Group has recorded all accidents resulting in a sick absence of more than one day. This makes comparisons with other sectors easier. The figures for 2012 show the number of all work accidents per million hours worked.