Working capacity and workplace well-being

During 2014, VR Group achieved substantial savings in the form of lower disability contributions and lower healthcare and sick leave absence costs.

VR Group has developed workplace well-being on a long-term basis. The aim of the project launched in 2010 was to achieve a reduction in sick leave absences, workplace accidents and occupational healthcare costs and a lengthening of working careers. The aim was to achieve this by improving workplace well-being in all sectors.

VR Group encourages its personnel to adopt healthy habits, such as physical exercise, non-use of intoxicants and non-smoking. Workplace well-being has been improved by seeking solutions that would reduce the loading caused by irregular shift work and by ensuring that the work is meaningful and that the supervisory work is of high quality. Work communities are also supported in change situations.

The focus areas in workplace well-being were as follows:


Good results

Good results were achieved in 2014. There was a decrease in the number of disability pensions and in workplace accident costs. Substantial savings were achieved in 2014 in the form of lower disability contributions and sick leave absence costs.