Good supervisory work brings success

As part of the 'Esimies 2014' (Supervisor 2014) project, supervisors gave a supervisor's pledge for 2015, which provides them with an incentive to develop their work.

During the last few years, VR Group has been developing supervisory work by updating supervisory structures and by focusing on recruitment and training of supervisors.

The work carried out during the past few years culminated in the Supervisor 2014 project, which was implemented during 2014.

The aim of the project was to improve the quality of supervisory work, to give the core content of the idea of good management and to use the results in a broad range of different supervisory training courses and in recruitment. The project provided each business division with training and development solutions based on its needs.

Model for good supervisory work 

The core content of management was set out in the model for good supervisory work prepared in the autumn, in which successful supervisory work is divided into three sectors: management of operations ('I demand'), human resource management ('I engage') and development ('I renew'). Successful supervisory work is a combination of these three sectors. The model was prepared by a working group, which consisted of managers, directors, immediate supervisors and experts from different parts of VR Group. Based on the model for good supervisory work and a personnel survey, supervisors gave a pledge under which they will develop their work during 2015.

Positive feedback

The results of the personnel survey show that the inputs in supervisory work have brought results. Some 58 per cent of the feedback on supervisory work is positive. The Group's supervisor index stood at 3.63, which was slightly higher than in 2013 (3.57). The index describing the commitment of the personnel to their work and their employer and the workplace well-being index (3.42) are also at good level. Occupational health care and physical exercise benefits were the employment benefits generating the largest amount of positive feedback. These benefits are available to all staff members.